Q. What do you do in a Secret Physique Barre Class?
A. The class begins with working the upper body with free weights, and then moves to the barre to work the legs intensely, followed by abdominal work, and finished on mats for more core work, seat exercises and stretching. All while listening to the perfect music to get you feeling exactly how you should at each moment!.

Q. Will Secret Physique Barre classes help me lose weight?
A. Yes, with a moderate diet, and our classes, you can lose weight and reshape your muscles. Our method of exercises focuses on strengthening and lengthening the muscles. The more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn all day. The class combines intervals where we speed up the heart rate during strengthening exercises and then slows down during stretching which is great for burning calories and therefore losing weight.

Q. How will this class change my shape and slim down my body?
A.This method will trim down your body, especially around your thighs and glutes. At first, your muscles will lift up and seem to be fuller. Because muscles are mostly composed of water, yours will absorb water as they become more active. Then, as your muscles become denser, over a period of three-to-five months, they will also become more compact. So if you’re going through the initial strengthening stage have faith! A few more months of classes will firm up your muscles around their underlying bones, and the inter-muscular fat will burn away, revealing a trimmed down shape.

Q. How often should I take the class?
A. To receive optimum results you should consistently take class 4 or more times per week. It is safe to take everyday as we only use light weight and do plenty of stretching. Taking class once or twice per week is also great if you are looking to just feel good, it is very therapeutic for your knees, joints, and is great for flexibility.

Q. Why is it so important to stretch and be flexible?
A. Flexibility offers several benefits such as decreased risk of injury, improved posture, reduced muscle soreness, and decreased risk of lower back pain. Plus a stretched, flexible muscle is considerably stronger than a tight muscle. Lastly, flexibility helps relax the mind and body and makes you look and feel better.

Q. Do clients need to be a certain age or at a certain fitness level to attend class?
A. Anyone can take the class that is interested in increasing their fitness level. We have clients that range from 15-70 years old.

Q. Do men also take the class?
A. Yes, men also need to be flexible and strong in different ways other then heavy lifting at the gym, and it is also great to work out together with your boyfriend or spouse.. so bring them along.

Q. What should I bring and wear to class?
A. Bring a bottled water, pair of socks, and a towel. We prefer you to wear long slim pants that cover your knees, and a fitted top. Loose baggy clothes make it hard for the instructor to see your form. *We do sell bottled water and our own logo socks.

Q. Why do we recommend that you use the stall bar before and after class?
A. A stall bar is a specially designed piece of gymnastics equipment that offers enormous benefits for a multitude of stretching and conditioning exercises. Hanging from the stall bar helps to release upper and lower body tightness. Pregnant women and those with shoulder or back injuries should not hang from the stall bar.

Q. What should I bring to a POUND class?
A. Bring a mat, towel, and grip socks or clean sneakers.